Bring Youth Back this Spring

The grass is so green out, it’s making me happy! It’s so lovely to be out in the sun again. Dogs chasing squirrels in the park, little kids licking popsicles and playing on the swingsets. Things were so much simpler before we went to school, judged each other and got jobs. If you’re having a particularly stressful week, set aside a day to relax and step away from your computer and all technology (except cameras, you always need those!) and have some simple fun like when we were younger.

DSC_0759 DSC_0764

For this Look I’m wearing a New Look top from England, a vintage skirt from the 1950s (Dressed in Time vintage shop), and my brand new Michael Kors wedges. I’d been looking for a good pair of work-appropriate shoes for my upcoming co-op job, and I wouldn’t settle for anything less than 4 inches tall. Michael Kors makes great shoes (among all the other amazing things like my favourite leather jacket), and I’m in love with these summer wedges. The best heels are heels I can run and dance in!

maker gif
DSC_0840 DSC_0912 DSC_0915 DSC_0943

I thought I’d try my hand at hand modelling with my FIJI water…not bad eh? And how cute are teal nails for spring?


PS, I’m submitting this post for IFB Project #94! Here’s a link to the movie Epic’s FB page.

3 responses to “Bring Youth Back this Spring”

  1. You look so lovely! Yes, I also love high waisted skirt! Last month I was atteting a fashion event called Bazar Noir and in every edition of this event, a theme is chosen. The next Bazar Noir’s theme is Pin Up… I think you would love to go. Saddly, we are too far… :(

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