Neon Lemon Dress and the BEST Anthropologie Deal Ever

Until recently, neon has never been on my list of wearable colours. It was a genre reserved for laser tag, black light parties, and glow-in-the-dark mini golf – not things one would usually consider “fashionable” or “stylish”. But this spring I decided to give it a second chance! I donned my favourite lemon dress (that was only $10, can you believe it? Story below) and my crazy H&M sunglasses, plus a coat of Kat Von D’s Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick (say that ten times fast), and went to the water for a day in the sun!

PS these H&M shades were only $5! Needless to say, I bought three pairs. XD




Okay so, the story about this dress. I was shopping at one of my favourite shops, Anthropologie, and I ventured warily into their usually grim sale room. Among all the wreckage of hipstery clothing not quite unique enough to have sold was this bright lemon dress, in my size! Now, even though I’m not such a fan of neons/brights, I’m a sucker for retro styles, especially circa 1950s, so this little beauty was right up my alley. I looked at the price tag, which said $60, reduced from $200. Super good deal, right? When she rang it up, the cashier said: “You know this is $10, right?” I tell you, I’ve never been so excited about a sale. And the best part was I had already chosen to buy it, so the extra money off was even more of a treat! Awesomeness.


What’s your unexpected deal story?


PS I’m submitting this post to IFB’s sunglasses project! xo

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