SAT Cancelled for all of South Korea!

Wow! As a student who took the SAT when I was in high school, this is a shock to me. What could possibly cause a whole country to cancel one of the biggest most fate-determining tests in the world? Apparently answers for this year’s upcoming test were found circulating in test-prep centres around the country. How lame.

At what point does competition go too far? I understand the need to be better or the best or whatever, but it’s stupid to cheat to get there. If everyone cheats on the SAT, what does that say about their school careers? No wonder they get such high grades. Cheaters shouldn’t be admitted into universities, particularly not the Ivy Leagues that these students are gunning for so viciously. University should be for people who will make positive contributions to the world, or at least for those who will work hard for it on their own. So I think that this country-wide ban is exactly what needs to happen, because the world needs to see that this kind of behaviour is not okay.

And whoever leaked the answers to the test questions should be demoted to icky jobs, or even better – forced to take the test every month for the rest of their lives, with no preparation. Because those tests are dang hard.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s article on the situation.

Do you think they’re handling this situation correctly?


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