The Most Epic Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

What better way to unwind from a long week of work than to get together with your girlfriends and bake a rainbow cake? I’ve always wanted to try one of these beauties, and today I finally got to taste the rainbow.

DSC04087 DSC04103 DSC04110 DSC04148

The final product! We added sweet candy lips and two flavours of marshmallows – rose and toasted coconut. Holy sugar overload, Batman!DSC04170 DSC04176 DSC04178 DSC04180

Isn’t it beautiful?! *Proud*. I love the way the colours turned out, they’re so vibrant and cute! And while the cake itself was a bit too sweet (okay, WAY too sweet), I’d rate the experience a 10/10.

What’s the prettiest dessert you’ve ever made/seen? I’d love to hear about it or even see a picture! Leave a comment and I’ll choose a dessert to replicate!


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