Redpath Waterfront Festival!


This past weekend, as part of my vacation in my own city, I went to the Redpath Waterfront Festival celebrating the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. We watched the hubbub from our hotel room and decided to go check it out – I’m so glad we did!

DSC05499DSC05542 DSC05522 DSC05533 DSC05495

This South American band was awesome and so fun to watch. They kept dancing back and forth in sync. I was also very impressed by their hair. :P All the musicians were great and added a lot of festivity!

DSC05511DSC05539 DSC05502

This ship kept firing its cannons every few minutes, scaring the living daylights out of us until we got used to it.


Helping the sailboat get some extra wind!


The Redpath Waterfront Festival was so much fun. Toronto is a hub for summer events, and this really kicked off the first official weekend of summer.


So techies, were you at the festival too? How did you spend the first summer weekend of 2013?


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