Little Futuristic Dress

Move over Little Black Dress, Little Futuristic Dress is here to take your place!

little futuristic dress

I’m all for the LBD trend, or at least I was four years ago when I first discovered it. But I think now it’s starting to get old. I know, I know, “timeless” and whatever, but pretty soon every woman at every event will be wearing a little black dress, and we’ll all look like drones!

This awesome futuristic dress by Milly has replaced my LBD for chic, easy, comfortable nights out. I got it from the Holt Renfrew Spring Sale, which makes it even more fun to wear because I know I didn’t pay full price (even though I probably would have bought it at full). I fell in love with it instantly when I saw it on the rack. Its simple black and white pattern is very flattering and draws the eye to all the right places. I paired it with my new nude pumps and black leather jacket (also seen here and here), both from Michael Kors, when I wore it out to dinner at the 360 restaurant in Toronto’s CN Tower.

DSC05594 DSC05596

I love my nude pumps – they make me 6’2″ tall, but my boyfriend still manages to stand taller than me when I wear them. <3 I love how the neutral colour goes with everything and elongates my legs without drawing attention away from this eye-catching dress. I also love this Betsey Johnson Air Betseyville travel purse! It’s light and sturdy and fits so much – I use it to bring my straightening iron, hairspray, shampoo/conditioner, perfume, scarves, headbands, and jewelry when I travel. Can you believe how much fits in there? I didn’t bring that all to the restaurant, of course, I traded all that stuff for my wallet and camera. ;)

DSC05598 DSC05599

The restaurant is 106 stories above the ground, and rotates constantly so the view is always changing! We arrived just past sunset so we could have the beautiful view of twinkling city lights.

DSC05609 DSC05616 DSC05618

After dinner the waiter (who was so sweet and friendly – ask for David if you eat here) took some pictures of us and then we headed down to the observation deck and the glass floor. Outside on the deck we were literally inside the light show! It was so cool.

DSC05619 DSC05621

Have you ever seen a glass floor like this one? You can’t have a fear of heights if you’re standing on an invisible platform 105 stories above the city. I find it exhilarating…well it’s a lot safer than my last stint above the city!


PS: Want to see more of my adventure exploring Toronto? Check out the Redpath Waterfront Festival 2013 and my vacation to my own city!


dress: Milly

leather jacket: Michael Kors (also styled rock & roll and graffiti punk)

nude pumps: Michael Kors

purse: Betsey Johnson

4 responses to “Little Futuristic Dress”

  1. This is awesome! I don’t think there is anywhere in my city that looks like that at all (its also pretty small), maybe next time I”m traveling I’ll search for a glass floor like that!

  2. Great LFD. You look awesome. And thanks for the snapshot of your city. I love the backgrounds of people’s photos almost as much as the focus. I went to the platform over the Grand Canyon that is made of glass. At first I had to crawl out. It was insane. But what a rush. Great post! Thanks.

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