Musician’s Dream

Sage playing orange guitar

Wow, wow, wow.

sage playing guitar in front of a wall of guitars

Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill is a musician’s dream. I must have played thirty or more guitars in here – I stayed until closing time trying them out! Walls and walls of the store were covered in colourful acoustic and electric guitars, and there were side rooms with special editions and collections…oh man, I was in Heaven.

wall of guitars sage and guitars orange guitar Sage playing orange guitar looking at acoustic guitars

acoustic guitarsage playing acoustic guitar

Do you play any instruments? Let me know in the comments!



grey dress: Club Monaco (also styled here!)

boots: Dr. Martens (they take me from the tracks to the rooftops of NYC)

purse: Air Besteyville by Betsey Johnson (my favourite travel purse)

leather jacket: Michael Kors (I wear this piece everywhere: on the train tracks, on NYC fire escapes, and 106 stories above Toronto in a rotating restaurant!)

4 responses to “Musician’s Dream”

  1. OUUUUU!!!

    I play the guitar, classical piano and sing :) (like playing an instrument with your MOUTH- sorry I LOVE Pitch Perfect….haha).

    that store would have made me giggle with glee- so jealous! :)

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