Vanilla Coke, Swiss Army and a Chocolate Phone – What’s In My Bag?

coach purse

I recently got this Coach purse on major sale at my Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls shopping spree. Since then, it’s been my go-to carry-all. But what’s inside?

what's in my coach purse

  1. My wallet. Self explanatory: money, ID, bank stuff, health stuff. Also stamps because you never know when you need to send a letter.
  2. Vanilla Coke Lip Smackers. Yes, I still use Lip Smackers even though they’re for five year olds and they don’t hydrate your lips. I have this because it was this year’s New Year’s Resolution to not drink Coke or Pepsi products, and this chapstick (and the other nine soda flavours in the pack it came in) are the only way I can taste my favourite pops!
  3. Sula Shea Butter for lips, nails, body. This solid moisturizer is great on super dry lips, nail polish-damaged nails, and dry skin. It’s also nice on my guitar calluses and makes my fingertips nice and soft again. I have it in the Rose Damascea scent.
  4. MAC lipstick in Malt. This soft nude complements the nude of the purse, and I love it with professional office outfits. A nice matte finish to a neutral makeup day.
  5. Sephora foundation in Clair 05 – yes, I’m pale. I may not look that pale, but I do indeed wear the lightest foundation shade Sephora makes.
  6. Swiss Army pocket “knife”. I put “knife” in quotes because this “knife” couldn’t do any damage. The scissors are great for loose threads, tags on new things, hang nails, and anything else you need to trim that’s small enough to fit between the 1 cm blades. The nail file is good too, and it also contains mini tweezers and a toothpick (ew, reusable toothpick, ew).
  7. Kate Spade bangles. I put these in my bag when I get to work because I hate typing with bracelets on, but I love wearing these gold-rimmed bangles so I wear them during transit and at lunch/dinner with the girls.
  8. My camera lens! I couldn’t put the camera in the picture (for obvious reasons), but this is an absolutely vital part of my bring-arounds. I can’t live without my camera, and that’s why I chose this awesome Sony NEX-5R. Seriously. It’s awesome.
  9. How could I forget – MY PHONE! It’s in the picture below, in that big pink chocolate bar case. The case is scented like strawberries and makes everything in its immediate vicinity smell faintly of springtime. :)

contents of coach purse paisley swiss army knife coach bag

What’s in your bag?


7 responses to “Vanilla Coke, Swiss Army and a Chocolate Phone – What’s In My Bag?”

  1. Found your post under the “what’s in my bag” tag, since I did just did a post like this myself.
    I do the same thing with bracelets/my watch, take them off once I get to work!

  2. What a cute bag! Also, I NEED A SWISS ARMY KNIFE! I grew up surrounded by men who always had one in their pockets and it is indeed ridiculously handy.
    I usually have a book, lip gloss (right now it’s clinique), my wallet (Matt and Nat), a pen and sometimes my writing book. :)

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