Tea Party with Jeanne Lottie and The Loved One

Tea party corner

Tea party at Jeanne Lottie's Pink House

This Saturday I went to a tea party at the Jeanne Lottie Pink House in Yorkville, hosted by Jeanne Lottie and The Loved One! It was a beautiful, hot day and it was great to spend some time with the lovely ladies and lads. I’ve been a fan of Jeanne Lottie purses for years and have used them in many photoshoots and events, so I was so happy to finally get to meet Jane Ip, the designer behind the brand.

earl grey teaTea and sweets

Antonia Akai-Casuccio of The Loved One was co-hosting the event – the pieces she brought were absolutely exquisite. If you’re looking for special occasion accessories, The Loved One is the place to go. This beautiful beaded collar was handmade by Antonia. Wouldn’t you just love to wear it? I can see it with a charcoal dress and a loosened braided chignon.

Beautiful beaded collar handmade by Antonia of Toronto's The Loved One Beautiful handmade wedding dress fabric with lace and swarovski crystals

I love this handcrafted tulip hairpiece from The Loved One’s David Dunkley collection. All the feathers are individually hand cut, each petal hand shaped and hand painted. Such a show stopper!

David Dunkley tulip and feather handmade headpiece

Antonia also brought pieces by jewelry designer Margaret Rowe. These stunning bracelets and necklaces are reminiscent of old Hollywood, and  carry a timeless elegance about them. The Gatsby Braided Bracelet and Nouveau Bouquet Cuff below are my favourites from the collection. Follow the links to see them on The Loved Ones’ website. :)

Gatsby beaded crystal bracelet by Margaret RoweOrnate crystal wristlet by Margaret RoweBridal collection from The Loved One

The Pink House is filled with purses upon clutches upon totes – it’s like a handbag-lover’s Heaven! There’s something for everyone in here, whether you’re looking for a colourful everyday piece or an eye-catching crystal and stud clutch.

Jeanne Lottie studded clutches Jeanne Lottie purses and dress Jeanne Lottie purse Jeanne Lottie Pink House purse

We snapped a picture together – I call it “Black-Haired Beauties.” :P This photo really captures the fun of the Pink House. The whimsical purple walls, crystal chandelier, and candy-colourful purses make it feel like something out of a movie. Before you ask, my little pink purse is indeed a Jeanne Lottie! It was my very first one that I got as a gift years ago. It’s the perfect size for events and I’m convinced it’s magic because it somehow fits my phone, keys, cards, and camera!

Sage, Jane Ip, Antonia and Alanna

I love this picture of my Michael Kors heels, taken by another tea party guest. These heels are fairly high but so comfortable! Alright, I’ll admit that my feet hurt after three and a half hours of standing in them, but considering their height I’m very happy with how easy they are to wear. For the record: yes, I am wearing nude heels on fuchsia tights. I like the combo for this outfit, what do you think?

Nude Michael Kors pumps with hot pink tights

What a beautiful and refreshing day. Those girls sure know how to throw a party! The Pink House is so cute and I’m looking forward to going back again soon. Next time you’re in Yorkville, be sure to stop by at 32 Scollard Street!

Tea party corner


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