TRUCK YEAH! Tim McGraw Two Lanes of Freedom Tour 2013

tim mcgraw 2013 11

Tim McGraw throws one heck of a concert, let me tell you. This was a bunch of firsts for me: first country concert, first time in the pit crowd, and first time throwing my cowboy boot on stage to be signed by a singer! My lovely friend Emily joined me and we had an excellent time and got some incredible pictures.

tim mcgraw 2013 1tim mcgraw 2013 2

Tim’s latest album, Two Lanes of Freedom, includes a song called “Truck Yeah” that I am absolutely obsessed with. It gets so stuck in my head! I made these hats for the concert, and we were so close to the stage that we managed to show them to Tim and he pointed and winked! *swoon* Definitely worth the time and effort and cost of fabric sharpies!

truck yeah hattruck yeah hat peterbilt

Love and Theft was the first opening act, and they got the crowd dancing with their great songs, especially “Angel Eyes”. If you haven’t heard this band, I urge you to check them out! And they’re so sweet too, Stephen signed like twenty cowboy boots that were thrown onto the stage. It’s a wonder we got them all back!

love and theft 2013 2 love and theft 2013 3 love and theft 2013 4 love and theft 2013

After Love and Theft, Brantley Gilbert rocked the stage with his rough country voice and badass hand signals. I was surprised to see that his drummer had a huge mohawk! The whole band was excellent, and a lot of the ladies were swooning in the audience for this one.

brantley gilbert 2013 1brantley gilbert 2013 2brantley gilbert 2013 3

Then the man of the night, Tim McGraw himself, came running down through the crowd and climbed a ladder onto the stage. It was so cool to be right down in the pit – he interacted with us, we were on the screen, and I even got to touch his hand when he reached down!

tim mcgraw 2013 6tim mcgraw 2013 3tim mcgraw 2013 10 tim mcgraw 2013 4

One of the things I love about Tim McGraw and a lot of country singers is that they’re really as good live as they are on their albums. They have careers built on talent, hard work, and drive, and their songs often reflect that.

tim mcgraw 2013 5tim mcgraw 2013 7 tim mcgraw 2013 8 tim mcgraw 2013 9tim mcgraw 2013 11 tim mcgraw 2013 12

This concert was certainly a highlight of my summer, I’m so glad I got to see him live.

Have you gone to any good concerts?


4 responses to “TRUCK YEAH! Tim McGraw Two Lanes of Freedom Tour 2013”

  1. Ah!!! I’m such a big country music fan I’m so jealous you got so close to Tim McGraw! It looks like you had such a blast.

    O.k., my fanatic voice is done haha. What a great idea by the way to customize a truck hat for the song! Love it :)

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