DIY: Custom Concert Merchandise

Last week I went to see Tim McGraw on his Two Lanes of Freedom tour. I’m a big fan of Tim’s music, and one song on his new album really got me dancing: TRUCK YEAH!

truck yeah hat

I absolutely love everything about that song, and I knew that I was going to be really close to Tim McGraw himself since I had floor tickets! I had to do something unique to increase my chances of Tim seeing me, so I decided to make my own Truck Yeah hat!

I started out with a blank hat from Lids and some fabric-friendlly Sharpies, and sketched the design on paper.

truck yeah logo

I then drew it carefully in pencil on the blank hat, and outlined the pencil marks in blue Sharpie.

truck yeah hat white outline

Next I filled in the block letters,

truck yeah hat white halfway

And finished off by outlining in orange!

truck yeah hat white

I liked it so much that I made it in another colour too!

truck yeah hat grey halfway truck yeah hat grey

So, you’re wondering, was this hat enough to catch Tim McGraw’s attention? YES IT WAS! I showed it to him when he was looking into the crowd and he smiled, pointed and waved at me. TRUCK YEAH!

sage wearing truck yeah diy hat

Check out the pictures I got of Tim McGraw – I was so close to him!


tim mcgraw 2013 11

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