Under the Influence of Music

Have you ever been to a rap concert? This was my first one and it was AMAZING. A week and a half later and I’m still seeing elements of it in my dreams. I bought tickets for this concert because B.o.B, my favourite rapper, was going to be there. I got the tickets kind of last minute because I didn’t know B.o.B was coming until someone pointed it out to me a week before! It was an awesome concert with tons of great performers.

joey bada$$

In addition to B.o.B, Joey Bada$$, Trinidad James, and A$AP Rocky opened up for Wiz Khalifa. I didn’t take many pictures of them because I was saving my camera space for Bobby Ray!

a$ap rockya$ap rocky crewsage at concert 1

Finally B.o.B came on! He played all his great songs including Strange Clouds and Airplanes. It was awesome to see him in real life, interacting with the crowd and even jumping into it.

bob concert 1 bob concert 2 bob concert 3 bob concert 4

At the end of his set, B.o.B ran out into the audience and came down from the back on a  guy’s shoulders! I was in the lower seats so I ran right up to him and got to hold his hand! I was so excited. Actually I’m still excited about it. My night was made.

bob concert 5 bob concert 6sage at concert 2

When Wiz Khalifa came on, the crowd went WILD. There was so much smoke in the air, and I don’t mean from smoke machines. The audience was lighting up left and right, I’ve never seen so much haze at a concert. Wiz owned the stage and gave Toronto an incredible, powerful performance.

wiz khalifa 1 wiz khalifa 2wiz khalifa 4

Hey look, it’s me on the jumbotron! And yes, that is Wiz Khalifa hugging a giant joint.

wiz khalifa 3wiz khalifa 5 wiz khalifa 6

At the end of the show the whole Taylor Gang came out on stage. I’ve never seen so many people on stage at a concert at once! It was an impressive end to a fantastic show. I’m so glad I managed to get tickets for the Under the Influence of Music tour; it was a night I will never forget.


5 thoughts on “Under the Influence of Music

    1. Yeah it’s great to see the underdogs getting up there with the greats! I wasn’t much of a Wiz fan either until the concert, but he won me over. My other faves are Busta Rhymes and Macklemore, and I like some Lil Wayne stuff too. Who are yours?

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