Hula Girl Espresso Boutique

Hey Torontonians, have you seen this place yet? It’s awesome! Hula Girl Espresso Boutique is a healthy, high-quality coffee shop on Dundas. Their menu features dozens of gourmet drinks and treats, including Coconut Hot Chocolate, Pear Apple Cider, and Cake in a Cup!

hula girl espresso boutique 1hula girl espresso boutique 8

Last week I had the opportunity to experience Hula Girl Espresso Boutique at their pop-up-shop at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). I had a great chat with owner Elias Vastis and can confirm: the intentions are as good as the coffee. Elias supports local companies and artists by selling their wares in his shop alongside his own products. These ChocoSol chocolate bars are a good example: the chocolate is all made locally in Toronto using cacao sourced from indigenous communities in Southern Mexico. Hula Girl also sells organic salads, sandwiches and smoothies! I wish I had time to try them all!

hula girl espresso boutique 2 hula girl espresso boutique 4

hula girl espresso boutique 3 hula girl espresso boutique 7

Here’s a pic of Elias making me a latte. It’s so great to see a passionate owner with his hands on the meat and bones – or should we say milk and coffee beans – of his business. And that latte was the best one I’ve had in Toronto! Coming from Italian me, that means a lot. ;)

hula girl espresso boutique 6hula girl espresso boutique 5

I wish I had had longer to chat with Elias, but his lineup of customers was so long! I guess that’s the sign that he’s on to something great. If you have a chance, go check out Hula Girl Espresso Boutique! And be sure to stop by here to let me know what you think. :)


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