Electric Blue Pleats for Fall

purple pleated dress 1

Fall is here, techies! Or at least it officially will be in three days, even though the weather here in Halifax is acting like it’s already mid-October. As we make the transition from summer brights to autumn neutrals, I’m hesitant to give up my airy summer dresses! But who’s to say we can’t wear bright colours in the fall? Here’s an electric blue look for fall that has all the fun and energy of summer with a nice deep shade that transitions into the cooler weather.

purple pleated dress 2 purple pleated dress 5

I paired this cool-toned dress with an orangey-red lipstick and brown cowboy boots to add some warmth to the outfit.

purple pleated dress 3 purple pleated dress 4purple pleated dress 7

Check out this awesome sculpture at the waterfront! And the massive smiling cruise ship docked behind me.

purple pleated dress 6purple pleated dress 8

What are you wearing to transition into fall? Share them in the comments below!

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PS: I’m submitting this post to IFB’s latest project! Check it out here.

15 responses to “Electric Blue Pleats for Fall”

  1. Really love this color on you! And pairing with the orange-red lipstick is perfect! I’ve been wearing a lot of vest lately. Great for transitioning and very versatile.

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