Microsoft DreamSpark

If you are a student and you don’t use DreamSpark, you’re missing out. Microsoft offers thousands of dollars worth of software packages for high school and university students – for FREE. There are two types of DreamSpark subscription: Standard and Premium.

Microsoft Dreamspark

DreamSpark Standard is free for any and all students, and includes software like Visual Studio and SQL Server. DreamSpark Premium is only available to students in technical programs – Computer Science, Engineering, Graphic Design, Math, etc.  – and includes more software including Windows 8, OneNote, Microsoft Project, and Visual Studio Ultimate. A Premium subscription costs $400/year for the entire technical department to use.

In addition to giving you access to thousands of dollars of free software, DreamSpark also lets you publish Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps for free! This is the ultimate software suite for student developers. If you’re just starting or need some pointers, MSDN (Microsoft Developer’s Network) has countless tutorials on development with the DreamSpark software! It’s like Microsoft wants to encourage new devs or something! *pointed look*

So students, I urge you to visit and download some tools and SDK. It’s so rewarding to create apps and see them work on real devices!

Get creative, get creating!

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