Kensington Market Graffiti Tour

kensington graffiti 5

Hey Techies! Last weekend I went home for Canadian Thanksgiving and got to spend some much needed time relaxing (it’s midterm season!). On one of the days I explored Kensington market and saw all the awesome old and new graffiti out there! Here are my fave shots from the day, including a few from the cute boutiques! :)

kensington graffiti 1kensington graffiti 10 kensington graffiti 2

Anyone fancy a game of “Irritating Stick”? I found this in an old game shop…I’m not surprised I hadn’t heard of it before.

kensington graffiti 3 kensington graffiti 4kensington graffiti 6 kensington graffiti 7 kensington graffiti 8 kensington graffiti 9kensington graffiti 11 kensington graffiti 12kensington graffiti 13kensington graffiti 14 kensington graffiti 15 kensington graffiti 16 kensington graffiti 17

I know you want a churro! This little Spanish shop was selling them hot out of the oil, filled with dulce de leche and rolled in sugar. Probably super fatty but who cares? Do as the Spanish do and walk while you eat. :P

kensington graffiti 18 kensington graffiti 19

That last pic is a little nod to Halloween…only two weeks left! Do you have your costume ready yet? I do!

signature 1


whale sweater: aerie

skirt: Next

bracelet: Accessorize

shoes: Italy

12 responses to “Kensington Market Graffiti Tour”

  1. I NEED that whale sweater. No, seriously! My husband’s game development company, Whalesong Games, has a whale for their logo, and this would be a cute way to show solidarity without being a total dork! You are just too cute, girl. Also, the cat lady shirt is super apropos, although I’d need to change it to “Current” Cat Lady. ;)

    • Aw that would be so cute! I bought it last Christmas at Aerie and they sold out really fast so I don’t know if they’re still available. It doesn’t seem too difficult to cross-stitch though, if you get a plain sweater!

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