Minnie Mouse on a Budget


Less than one week till Halloween ’13! In the midst of midterm exams, falling leaves and a whole lot of meetings, it can be hard to find the time and funds to put together a good costume. You’ve got to find the balance between cute and sexy, ironic and relevant, and recognizable and unique. Here’s how I spent $10 to turn an outfit into a costume!


All it takes for Minnie Mouse is a red and white polka dot shirt and black skirt! You could also switch it up if you have a polka dot skirt and pair it with a cute black crop top instead. Either way, there are a few key things that scream Minnie Mouse: polka dots, ears and the colour red.

minnie_mouse_costume2 minnie_mouse_costume3

I love this outfit because it’s very feminine and simple. No expensive costume from a special store, no costly special effects makeup you use once, and no poli-dent to keep vampire fangs in. Just throw on some dots, some black bottoms and some bow accessories.

minnie_mouse_costume5 minnie_mouse_costume6

And then of course, top it off with retro winged eyeliner, bow jewelry and cartoon red lips and nails, and you’re a party-ready Minnie Mouse! I used BA Star‘s lipstick in Holiday Red because it’s a bright, pink-toned red that lasts a while. And since this post was powered by BA Star and BrandBacker, you can get this lipstick at 50% off by using the code BBLIPS at online checkout!

minnie_mouse_costume7 minnie_mouse_costume8

Other small touches you could add to this costume (and things you might find in your closet already!) are:

  • short white gloves
  • frilly socks
  • bow jewelry/bow in hair

What are you going to be for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

signature 1


ears: H&M

top: Madonna’s collection at the Bay

skirt: Next

shoes: Luxury Rebel (from Saks Fifth Avenue)

purse: Jeanne Lottie (I also have it in pink!)

jewelry: Kate Spade

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