Make Web Not War Relaunch Party 2014

Ain’t no party like a techie party! Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the Make Web Not War relaunch party to kick off a new year of openness – open standard, open data, open source. Web Not War is a community of open tech enthusiasts supporting the collaborative culture of open technology. Influencers from all areas of the Toronto tech scene gathered at Loftraum to talk tech, check out some cool tech including an Xbox One and a Makelab 3D printer, and celebrate the relaunch of Make Web Not War.

WebNotWar9 (Copy) WebNotWar16 (Copy) WebNotWar1 (Copy)WebNotWar6 (Copy) WebNotWar15 (Copy)

Hot Pop Factory co-founder Matt Compeau was running the 3D printing booth and scanning people with an Xbox 360 Kinect to generate instant 3D models of us. He also had his Makelab printer running, showing off its short print time!

WebNotWar12 (Copy) WebNotWar13 (Copy) WebNotWar11 (Copy) WebNotWar3 (Copy)

Another big hit was the Xbox One station. It was my first time playing one outside of stores, and I must say I was impressed! The graphics on NBA are just amazing, and the new controller is so much more comfortable to hold.

WebNotWar4 (Copy)

Perhaps more impressive than the gadgets themselves were the guests. The venue was buzzing with conversation and an air of ingenuity as people shared their love of open source and technology. It was great to finally meet some people I’ve been talking to online – since our industry is digital, you can know someone for ages without actually having met them face to face. It’s events like these that allow all to get together!

WebNotWar20 (Copy) WebNotWar18 (Copy) WebNotWar17 (Copy) WebNotWar21 (Copy)WebNotWar7 (Copy)

What a fantastic night! Be sure to check out Web Not War and my guest post on their blog, coming soon!

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