Sightsee Seattle with Me!

Remember my trip to Seattle a few weeks ago? I shared my trip to Chihuly Garden & Glass, the Living Computer Museum, and my photoshoot in the Fairmont Olympic. Here are some snapshots from the rest of my trip, from the time I spent exploring the city. We’ll start off in the beautiful Pike Place Market, where hundreds of stalls selling fresh fruit, fish, sweets and handmade wares are set up year-round. The colours in these indoor-outdoor halls are almost as stunning as the delicious smells!

PikePlaceMarketSeattle SeattleMarketTulips SeaUrchinsSeattleMarket

Just outside the market lies a park with an amazing view of the water. It’s also where you can find 15-foot graffiti walls and the infamously nasty gum wall!

sageseattlewaterfront SeattleGrafittiSeattleGumWall

People often say their city has character, but I didn’t really know what that meant until I saw Seattle. Unlike most major cities, Seattle has a unique balance of chill, laid-back attitude and expensive, world-class company presence. The headquarters for Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon and Starbucks are all here! The Starbucks building is very distinct, check it out:


I also visited Boeing, which was SO COOL. I got to sit in the cockpit of an old plane and check out all the dials and knobs – luckily my mentor knows planes in and out so he explained what everything did!

BoeingMuseumSeattle BoeingMuseumSeattle2

And my favourite HQ visit, as you can probably guess, was Microsoft! I visited campus last year on my first trip to Seattle, but back then I wasn’t an employee. It was so cool to go back and work from the office for a day!

RedmondMicrosoft1 MicrosoftFashionApp1 SageMSFT

As Steve Ballmer once (actually, definitely more than once) said, I love this company. :) And I love Seattle! I go to school on the East Coast, and I expected Seattle winter to be similar, but it is not at all! It was 10 degrees celsius in the middle of January, while Halifax was -20. People were asking me why I was just wearing a sweater and scarf – *insert Canada joke here*. :P One thing Seattle does share with Halifax is amazing seafood. The plates in the first picture below are from Seastar, a great seafood restaurant in Seattle and Bellevue! The picture underneath that is the Fairmont Olympic’s heart healthy breakfast…mmm, I could eat that right about now.

SeastarSeattleSushi FairmontSeattleBreakfast

*sigh* Take me back to Seattle. I am so grateful to have travelled with an amazing friend and mentor on this trip, and to have formed unforgettable memories! I can’t wait to go back to this beautiful city.

VolkswagonVanSeattle SageSpaceNeedleSeattleMountains

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