I Flew Back in with SoxxyAir

sage soxxy socks silver shoes

HEY HALIFAX! I’m baaaaaaaack! Bring on the summer classes. And the heat!

Toronto-to-Halifax isn’t a long flight (2 hours fifteen without any delays), but my goodness does it get exhausting. I used to drive an hour and a half to get to high school…and I thought THAT was a long trip! If only I’d known then it would take me a flight to get to university. :P Well, all this traveling is fun but tiring. Any frequent flyer can tell you the havoc that constant pressure change can wreak on your body. The sardine-packed economy class is not great for posture, let me tell you! And after hours of pressure changes, the feet start to get sore. Sock brand Soxxy has created a new compression sock specifically designed for traveling, and they sent me a pair of SoxxyAir socks to review – I love them! I could really feel the difference in my feet after wearing them: no more swelling and achyness. :)

soxxy_socks_perspective (Copy) sage_at_home_trendy_techie_blogging (Copy) sage_windows_8_travel_cuba (Copy)

Whenever I get off a flight, I can’t help but daydream of the next time I get to jet-set. Right now I’m dreaming of somewhere tropical with bright, clear waters, big, tall palm trees, and white sanded beaches that go on for miles. Who wants to come with me?

digital_boarding_pass_air_canada_iphone_sage (Copy)

I really love the way they feel! And the cute airplane designs add to the fun. Traveling can be exhausting, so the extra boost of compression on the lower legs keeps them strong and active.

soxxy_plane_socks_sage (Copy) sage_suitcases_travel_soxxy (Copy)

I’m tired from my flight, but it’s good to be back in my other home! Note the UNIX textbook…time to brush up!

sage_windows_8 (Copy)

PS did you  notice my new baby? Now that I’m back in Halifax for summer classes I wanted a new, powerful machine. So I got the epically awesome Lenovo Yoga laptop/tablet convertible. Love it!

sage_window_black_and_white (Copy) silver_running_shoes (Copy) boeing_watch_passport (Copy)

A huge thank you to Soxxy for the awesome SoxxyAir socks! Check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and get your own pair here!

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top: Forever 21

bra: Victoria’s Secret

socks: SoxxyAir compression socks

shoes: Luxury Rebel (same ones worn here!)

watch: Boeing


2 responses to “I Flew Back in with SoxxyAir”

  1. hey I want those sox. I literally just bought beige boring ones the other day and they work but I want nice ones like yours. i really like this post. its a bit soooxxxxy though. :)

  2. My sister was JUST talking about getting compression socks last night and I was poking fun at her, but those ones are REALLY cute. Might have to eat my words and jump on the compression socks band wagon.

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