Get Things Done with LocaWoka

The most amazing display of passion is found when an entrepreneur is explaining their business. When I spoke at NBTC, I had the pleasure of meeting LocaWoka co-founder Hussain Bandukwala, a man whose passion for his startup shines through in conversation. LocaWoka is an app by a three-man Torontonian team that simplifies and redefines the process of finding skilled laborers to help you get things done.


There are so many people in the world, and many in each industry with comparable or similar skillsets. But in a sea of similar skillsets, how do you find that one person perfect for your job? LocaWoka is the answer. Craigslist and Kijiji have similar subsections in their classifieds, but LocaWoka is much more than that. It’s a network of people with answers to the questions: “who can do this for me?” and “how can I find work?”

Despite it’s playful name, LocaWoka is a smart, very well thought-out answer to a very real problem. Not only is the app a network for people to connect, it also houses a rating system where the solicitors can rate and review the workers to provide other users a realistic assessment of the quality of work provided by the workers. This pares down the short-term hiring process, giving you back the time you would normally need to spend scouring Craigslist, sorting through miscategorised posts, and ruling out the creepers.


It’s one of those simple ideas that makes you wonder why it isn’t already widely used to employ and find employment. I think the only reason it isn’t yet is it’s very new! The startup was officially founded in late 2013, and it’s only been available for a few months. Check it out for yourself!

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