My Phone’s Dead, Can I Borrow Your…Pants?

The tech wizards at Microsoft have teamed up with British designer Adrien Sauvage to solve the dead-phone-battery problem with an unexpected new development: phone-charging pants.


The pants, pictured above between George Lamb (left) and Adrien Sauvage, were unveiled this week at London Collection: Men. Charging power comes from a Nokia DC-50 charging plate sewn into the pocket, which transfers electricity from the pants to the phone through an electromagnetic field. It sounds too simple to be true, but that’s just how inductive wireless charging technology works! Devastatingly obvious in a way that kinda makes you wish you’d thought of it first.

The pants will be available for pre-order on Amazon soon and, though a price has not yet been revealed, are expected to cost at least $340. Even more exciting than a designer pair of all-black phone-charging pants is the potential for expansion to everyday clothing: imagine sportswear, suit jackets, and purses/briefcases with charging plates in them – you’d never need to plug in again!


So there you have it, you can now charge your phone just by putting it in your pocket. The future is today.


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Images from the @nokia_uk Twitter account!

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