CreoPop, the World’s First Cool-ink 3D Printing Pen – Crowdfunding Now!


3D printing, a once expensive and rare technology, has recently become accessible to the public in many ways: as part of the manufacturing process, as a marketable service, and as an art form. 3D printers can now be found in makerspaces and public libraries, and are sold commercially for home use. But even more exciting than 3D printers are 3D printing pens, pens that let you write in plastic and create sculptures on the go. Until now, 3D printing pens have presented a safety hazard because of the heat they produce when melting the plastic, some reaching up to a dangerous 500 degress Fahrenheit! But CreoPop has created the world’s first cool-ink 3D printing pen that uses UV lighting instead of heating to melt and set the ink, making it safe and child-friendly. It is also wireless and USB-chargeable, making it easier to use and more convenient than it’s corded counterparts.


CreoPop has also changed the game with a range of “cool inks” including magnetic, elastic, conductive, glow-in-the-dark, body, and heat-sensitive inks. These inks will let you make things that are actually useful, not just knickknacks. The conductive, elastic and magnetic inks could even be used in the classroom, as part of science experiments and projects. On top of the cool factor, all the inks are environmentally friendly and contain no toxic materials.


Want one of your own? CreoPop is currently funding on Indiegogo, and the first bunch is set to ship in early 2015. The campaign has been very successful so far – though it has only been open for less than a week it has already reached 154% of its initial $40,000 goal. The earlybird price of the pen is $79 USD + shipping, and comes with 5 ink cartridges, each of which prints a 14m line of 3mm width.



Join me and support this awesome project!

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