Top 5 Travel Gadgets (My First Vlog!)

Hey techies! Today is an exciting day for me because I’m hopping on a plane to Italy! This will be the first of eight flights in the next two weeks as I fly from Halifax to Italy to Toronto to Seattle, back to Halifax, on my epic two-week summer trip. In honor of the week I’ve spent packing, I decided to change it up a bit with my first ever Trendy Techie video! Here I share my five favourite gadgets to bring on a trip, so grab some peanuts (do they still serve those on airplanes?) and check it out!

Here are the gadgets I feature in this video:

Lenovo Yoga Taptop

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Swarovski USB Bracelet Cuff

Volkswagen Portable Brick Charger

Sony NEX-5R

My next post will be from Italy – Ciao for now!

boeing_watch_passport (Copy)

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