Microsoft Student Partner Summit – Arrival in Seattle!


75 of the world’s top Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) have been brought to Microsoft for the inaugural MSP Summit and the world finals of the Imagine Cup competition! MSPs are technical students who bring Microsoft’s platforms and services to their universities through events and hackathons, and by forming a solid connection between campus and corporation. I’ve been an MSP since August 2013, and in my time so far I have hosted events at my school, taught students how to develop for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and worked with schools on the Canadian East Coast to increase Microsoft’s presence out East. I’m writing this post from the MSP Summit at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, in between some amazing presentations from Microsoft employees. More on those presentations will come in the next few days, but for now take a look at our first day in Seattle!


The westward flight into Seattle has the most amazing views I’ve ever seen from an airplane. Mount Rainier and the surrounding mountain ranges are absolutely breathtaking!

mountain_range_rainier_washingtonUpon arrival we checked in to our dorm rooms at Alder Hall in University of Washington, where we will be staying throughout the week. UWashington’s campus is a beautiful mix of urban life and the relaxing energy of nature, a duality that is felt throughout all of Seattle. The dorms are very modern and exceptionally well-kept, with a huge lounge with games and interactive Kinect and touch screens in the basement. Two Kinect apps are running: draw with butterflies and body sensors, both of which use Kinect’s body-tracking capabilities to create an interactive experience.

university_washington_microsoft_lounge microsoft_student_partner_summit_2014_kinect_butterfly_appmicrosoft_student_partner_summit_2014_kinect_body_tracking university_washington_alder_dorm_lounge

After checking in and exploring the area, most of the 75 MSPs had arrived. We had dinner with the Imagine Cup competitors in UWashington’s main square, surrounded by the grand old architecture and Mount Rainier juxtaposed in the background.

imagine_cup_msp_summit_2014 imagine_cup_msp_summit_2014_food

What a great way to start the week! The next days of the summit will feature presentations and conversations with Microsoft employees, Imagine Cup announcements and awards, and visits to local museums. I’m so excited and grateful to be here and to share the action with you!

MSP_microsoft_sign_mountainsignature 1

One response to “Microsoft Student Partner Summit – Arrival in Seattle!”

  1. I love how you manage to bring us right into your adventures. What a cool student lounge! I wish my house had a kitchen like that. Wow. Cool technology too. Can’t wait for more posts!

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