Robots and Ice Cream and Jewels, Oh My!

Purple robot ring

Stressed but well dressed jewelry case

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the borderline-art-deco statement jewelry trend that is plaguing young women nowadays. The angular shapes and clashing bright colours just aren’t for me. I prefer jewelry to be one of two things: 1) elegant and classic, or 2) overstatedly cute and quirky. Here are my favourite quirky-cute pieces from my jewelry collection!

Betsey Johnson ice cream ring

Ice cream ring: Betsey Johnson

Robot jewelry

Gold robot necklace: unknown; blue robot earring: Betsey Johnson

Le Chateau lips bling necklace

Red blingy lips necklace: Le Chateau

Gold jewelry

Gold panther ring: Urban Outfitters; coral necklace: Le Chateau; bada$$ bra$$ stud rings: Brooklyn street vendor

Betsey Johnson robot and heart earrings

Robot and heart earring set: Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson ice cream ring with heart charm

Ice cream ring: Betsey Johnson

Purple robot ring

Purple robot ring: Canada’s Wonderland gift shop

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5 responses to “Robots and Ice Cream and Jewels, Oh My!”

  1. I’ve recently gotten back into my love for quirky jewelry and one of my newer favorites is Little April Showers Jewellery. It’s a UK based brand that has hand illustrated and hand made jewelry like hot air balloon necklaces and tea cup rings. I’ve always had a love for Betsey Johnson so I’ll be picking up a few of her pieces soon.


  2. YESSS your taste in jewellery is exactly to my taste!
    Have you heard of jewellery brand Galibardy? They sell some really amazing statement pieces. I recommend their ceramic rings, their really reasonably priced and super pretty!

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