FuelWear, the First Smart Heated Undergarment

As the cold weather creeps in and wintry days loom closer, layering will come into style then fade into more of a necessity than a fashion statement. Especially for us Canadians who have to endure the harsh winters of the north, keeping body heat up in the outdoors is an important part of a happy winter season. This means always having a thick jacket and woolly scarf on hand for when you make the transition from toasty ski lodge to frigid slopes – but what if your clothes could regulate your body temperature for you, without you having to constantly change your layers to adapt to different situations?



Introducing FuelWear, the first undergarment that can regulate your temperature automatically and keep you comfortable in every winter occasion. This fully washable base layer has an intelligent heating system that reads your body temperature and responds accordingly, providing soothing heat when you’re cold and turning off when you’re all warmed up. The garment is made of bamboo fabric with three integrated heating elements to provide warmth to the torso and improve circulation in the cold.

FuelWear heating panels in smart base layer undergarment


FuelWear is a startup by Alex Huang and Jason Yakimovich, two electrical engineering students at the University of Toronto, who are no strangers to the cold. The project is currently funding on Indiegogo and, at the time of this post, has already raised 262% of its $20,000 goal. Male undergarments are currently set to start production, with a prototype for the female version in the works and additional colours being added with the achievement of stretch goals. Investing in the project will get you first-access to the heated garments, with certain packages adding extra battery packs and chargers. Funding ends October 10th, at which point production is expected to begin immediately, with products (hopefully) shipping in time for winter.

Cold weather can cause fatigue and discomfort and, in extreme cases, hypothermia – but FuelWear could be the first step to solving all our frosty troubles.

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