Beauty Tool Review: KISS InstaWave Curling Wand


If you knew me at the beginning of university, you probably thought I had curly hair. For my whole first year I would curl my hair every day, waking up half an hour early or more to make sure I got it perfect. I looked great but it was a lot of work, and as classes got more intense I slowly stopped making the time to do it because it was just too tedious. Nowadays I rarely curl my hair, partly because of the time commitment and partly because the curling iron I used made me look a little too Shirley Temple. But recently I was asked to test out a new curling tool called KISS InstaWave and, as well as giving me beautiful, natural-looking curls, it has cut my curling time in half!


What makes the KISS InstaWave different from my old curling tools is it’s fully automatic and requires very little effort. My old tools had a clamp that you closed on the end of your hair as you rolled the scorching barrel towards your face, whereas the InstaWave is fully automatic and has a bidirectional curl dial that you press to gently twirl your hair around the wand. The gentle twist prevents your curls from having those wig-like sharp edges, and because you only need to use one hand on the tool you have a lot more control over the way the curls sit. There are two heat settings, so you can choose how hot you want the wand to get (maximum 420F). Another thing I really like about it is it automatically shuts off after 90 minutes, so I don’t have to rush back home for fear that I’ve left my iron on and burnt my house down.


This wand was sent to me as a gift, but it’s available in Canada at WalMart and in the US at Target, Ulta and I truly do like it and will be using it to get these beautiful, full curls much more often.

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