Ce que se passe en Montreal…

…gets blogged! When I arrived in my room at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Montreal, I was greeted with the most beautiful, invigorating sunset. The sun broke through my window at exactly the right angle to fill my room with orange light and warmth, such a sweet welcome to the beautiful city. I sat in the windowsill for a while drinking my coffee before I did what any blogger would do – took shameless selfies before the perfect lighting went away!

montreal_sunset_sheraton_hotel_2 montreal_sunset_sheraton_hotel_1 montreal_sunset_sheraton_hotel_3

I love how the sun spills past the half-constructed buildings outside, filling the window with a cityscape of shadows that looks almost futuristic.


Since I began traveling for work I’ve pretty much mastered the art of hotel room selfies, and I make a point to take pictures of the rooms I stay in so I remember all my temporary homes. I used to do it for the sentimental value, but now it’s mostly so I can make informed decisions when I choose my next hotel chain! This room at the Sheraton had a gigantic mirror right beside the bed, which proved a little unsettling at times even if it did give the illusion of a bigger space, but as a whole the room was very comfortable and impeccably clean. And I LOVE having a king bed all to myself!


As much as I enjoyed the comfort of my room, I didn’t spend my whole trip there! If you haven’t seen them already, check out my posts about CUSEC and Igloofest!

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