5 Ways to Prevent “Computer Eyes”

At work, I often find myself trying to blink away what I call “Computer Eyes”. I spend so much time on my digital devices (yes, phones, tablets and cameras count too) that I can feel it in my eyes. Programmers, bloggers, facebook and pinterest junkies alike, you know what I’m talking about. Here are 10 simple ways to keep your eyes healthy and prevent “Computer Eyes”: 1. Look away from the screen every few minutes and take a second to let your eyes focus on something else. My office has nice big windows, so I look out at the sunny … Continue reading 5 Ways to Prevent “Computer Eyes”

Duolingo: Learn a Language While Translating the Web!

Duolingo is an amazing free website that serves two very different, yet very important, purposes: to teach people languages and translate webpages. Members can learn French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese by going through short lessons with text and sound components, as well as a spoken segment on the mobile app. The app works seamlessly and includes all the functionality of the website. After translating a webpage one sentence at a time, users evaluate each others’ translations until the best one is chosen and submitted as the final version. And you can choose which sentences to translate, so you never … Continue reading Duolingo: Learn a Language While Translating the Web!

Mac OS, the pageant queen

Mac OS seems to be the stereotypical pageant queen of the tech world – pretty and flexible, but not all that sharp. Before university, I was always a Windows girl who wanted a Mac. Now I have a Macbook and all I want is a good Windows PC. Before my current laptop (a 15″ Macbook Pro), I had an HP. I can’t remember the model – all I know is it was thick, grey plastic, and by the time I was done with it, no longer turned on without being plugged in. It was a sturdy thing, but it was running … Continue reading Mac OS, the pageant queen