Half of the T. Rexes Were Girls

Here in the tech world us girls face a lot of weird stereotyping statements like “You don’t look like a programmer,” or, “You can do the presentations, we’ll do the code.” Those stereotypes are there partly because of the nature of the industry – there’s no denying there are way more males than females in tech – and partly because of the way we were raised, with strict-ish gender roles engrained in our little heads in ways we may not have realized. Today I’m happy to introduce an incredible initiative working hard to shift the way we teach our kids about … Continue reading Half of the T. Rexes Were Girls

“Women Are Not Developers” and Other Nonsensical Sayings

WRONG. And yet, as I venture into more software packages, I find stereotypes in even the simplest of things, like training graphics.   The training graphic above is clean, elegant and easy to use. I’m a developer, so I should click the developer button. But why is its icon a man, while the content admin is a woman? I let it slide this time. Then, in another document, I came across a similar situation, but in a diagram. This time, the developer was male and the front-end user was female. Wow. I understand where the stereotypes come from, but why … Continue reading “Women Are Not Developers” and Other Nonsensical Sayings