Microsoft DreamSpark

If you are a student and you don’t use DreamSpark, you’re missing out. Microsoft offers thousands of dollars worth of software packages for high school and university students – for FREE. There are two types of DreamSpark subscription: Standard and Premium. DreamSpark Standard is free for any and all students, and includes software like Visual Studio and SQL Server. DreamSpark Premium is only available to students in technical programs – Computer Science, Engineering, Graphic Design, Math, etc.  – and includes more software including Windows 8, OneNote, Microsoft Project, and Visual Studio Ultimate. A Premium subscription costs $400/year for the entire … Continue reading Microsoft DreamSpark

Best of August – the month of twos

Wow, where did the summer holiday go? It’s already September, which means a few weeks of summer left before the leaves turn and fall, and midterm exams come along, and before we know it it’ll be time to carve pumpkins. August was a great and crazy month with lots of ups and downs, and a bunch of my favourite posts yet! It seems like I did a lot of pairs this month – two photoshoots, two concerts, two sponsored posts – so August’s theme is the month of twos! My two major photoshoots in August were my Gemy gown at … Continue reading Best of August – the month of twos