Six Countries in 24 Hours

I’M BACK ON THE GRID! After a week in Italy with no internet connection (in possibly the worst time not to have one, at the end of the school semester), I’m finally back in Halifax – for two days, that is, before heading out to Seattle with Microsoft for the student partner summit and Imagine Cup world finals!

Last week was not at all the trip we were expecting. We thought we’d be going to Italy via Toronto, not via Toronto, London, Paris, and Munich! This was my first time being turned away from a flight, and what started out as a normal vacation turned into the biggest, most fast-paced adventure of my life.

We made every connection by minutes, relying on the goodwill of people and travelers’ luck to carry us through on zero hours of sleep and what felt like an eternity of uncertainty. Watch the video below to get the full story and find out why I was turned away from my flight!

As mentioned in the video, there are more posts from Italy coming up soon! I’m off to the airport now to fly to Seattle with Microsoft! Follow me on Twitter @theTrendyTechie and with the hashtag #MSPsummit to get the full coverage of the Imagine Cup world finals news!

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2 responses to “Six Countries in 24 Hours”

  1. Wow! That is such a cool story. I love the way you told it too! That is like a real live The Amazing Race. I think its so stupid that they sold you a ticket then didn’t let you fly. Good warning for fellow travellers.

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