Hacking and Weekending in Vancouver


This past weekend I flew farther West than I’ve ever been before, to beautiful Burnaby, BC. A suburb of Vancouver, Burnaby is home to the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), where I spent the weekend providing technical and moral support to hackers at the Hack Vancouver Kinect for Windows & Structure Sensor Hackathon. Over the course of 28 hours, students, developers, and creative minds came together to create projects using the augmented reality sensors. Some participants slept during the night while others stayed up working on their projects the whole time, fueled by energy drinks, junky snacks, and the occasional apple (though most used Windows). Here’s a look at my whirlwind of a weekend! For a more detailed account of the hackathon, visit my post on the Canadian Developer Connection blog here.

vancouver_burnaby_bc_travel_1 vancouver_burnaby_bc_travel_2 IMG_0907 IMG_0969vancouver_kinect_windows_hackathon_1vancouver_kinect_windows_hackathon_2 vancouver_burnaby_bc_travel_3 vancouver_burnaby_bc_travel_toro_tuna_sashimi

What’s a travel post without a couple food photos? Above you see Toro Sashimi, a dish of fatty tuna that melts in your mouth. It’s quite expensive in many parts of the world (read: in the mainland), but I found it in a Japanese restaurant at the mall! It was fantastic. I highly recommend Toro to anyone who enjoys seafood. The strawberries you see below were sent to my room by the front desk at the Delta Burnaby hotel, hand delivered with a personal, handwritten card! How sweet. ;)

vancouver_burnaby_bc_travel_4 signature 1

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