I have had the honor of speaking at a number of high profile events including the Perimeter Institute’s Inspiring Future Women in Science conference, the National Business in Technology Conference, ICTC’s Digital Youth Summit, YouthSpark Live, and Microsoft’s global Hour of Code kickoff. I have also taught courses on edX.org and Microsoft Virtual Academy, and held live development workshops on the topics of Kinect for Windows, C#, and programming from the ground up for new coders. I am available for speaking engagements – if you would like me to speak at your event, please email me with your proposed topic (from the presentations below or otherwise) and time frame!


Bots 101 – How Conversational UI is Changing Technology

Are bots the new apps? With the rise of messaging platforms and digital personal assistants, conversation has become a core UI element and bots have taken over as the new way of interacting with technology. Ranging from simple FAQ bots to advanced human-like conversational AI, chat bots are changing the way we use, view, and build technology. Join Microsoft Tech Evangelist Sage Franch to explore today’s ecosystem of bots, learn how cognitive computing makes bots intelligent, and take a glimpse into the future of everyday AI.


Turning Your Passion Into Your Career [Audience: Youth, STEM]

Five key lessons to pursuing your passions and securing a fulfilling career early in life. Told through my journey from student to full-time Microsoft employee, before graduating from my undergrad.

The 5 Things Hired People Do – Getting Your Dream Job, Now [Audience: post-secondary students]

Take the plunge, be yourself, follow your dreams – these are all empty catchphrases used to describe your career hunt. In this session we explore 5 tangible things that hired people do to get their dream jobs and succeed early in life, passed on by mentors and hiring managers from Fortune 500 companies. Attendees of this talk will walk away with insight into what companies find valuable in candidates, beyond portfolio pieces and how many programming languages they know, and will be able to apply these five strategies to their lives to make themselves more hirable candidates.

Technology, Coding, and YOU! [Audience: youth aged 12-16]

Explore the opportunities that arise when you have tech skills in your toolbox! Soon every industry will have technology as a key component, so youth who learn tech skills early will have a leg up and access to doors to any industry of their interest. This session will illuminate some paths for youth to get started with technology and the maker movement.

Personal Branding in the 21st Century

In this highly-digital age, your online profiles are much more than avatars, they are your reputation. Companies now turn to social media to screen candidates for personality traits before the interview process. You may think you’re safe if they can’t find you, but hiring managers say it can actually be more detrimental to not have an online presence. In this talk attendees will learn how to craft an online reputation that is the perfect balance of fun, personal and hirable – a reputation suitable to 21st century professionals.

3D Printed Food: Debunking the Myths

3D printing technology is revolutionizing every industry, from healthcare and prosthetics to manufacturing, fashion and even space exploration. But there’s one industry that 3D printing is touching quietly: food. 3D printed food is widely regarded as a sci-fi fantasy, but the technology is here today and is already in use by culinary professionals around the world. In this talk we will debunk the myths about 3D printed food and explore its potential to revolutionize food as we know it.

Build Your First Game with TouchDevelop [Audience: new coders of all ages  |  Length: 1-3 hours (can scale)]

In this interactive session, dive into the world of coding with TouchDevelop, a ground-up development tool by Microsoft Research. Learn to code, build your first game, and even publish it as a real app!

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