Duolingo: Learn a Language While Translating the Web!

Duolingo is an amazing free website that serves two very different, yet very important, purposes: to teach people languages and translate webpages. Members can learn French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese by going through short lessons with text and sound components, as well as a spoken segment on the mobile app. The app works seamlessly and includes all the functionality of the website. After translating a webpage one sentence at a time, users evaluate each others’ translations until the best one is chosen and submitted as the final version. And you can choose which sentences to translate, so you never … Continue reading Duolingo: Learn a Language While Translating the Web!

App Review –> CARROT to-do list

It’s not often that a list has a personality, but this one can be a jerk. CARROT is an iPhone app with a simple premise: keep it happy by doing the things you’re supposed to do. If you do, it might reward you a kitten! If you don’t, that kitten may not eat very well. It’s a strange concept, but it works. CARROT’s “mood swings” are accompanied by daunting sounds and threats. It’s almost like a mafia approach to motivating yourself to get assignments done and do the laundry. Check out this fun, free app and leave a comment to … Continue reading App Review –> CARROT to-do list

Auralux App Review

Auralux is a gorgeous new take on Real Time Strategy gaming. It is simple and quick (I always play speed mode) and so intuitive. The object of the game is to defeat all enemy players by, well… killing their pretty little dots with your pretty little dots. The developers have done a really great job of abstracting the essence of RTS gaming into this sleek game that has helped me pass many a long bus ride. So if you are in possession of an Android, Apple, or Windows mobile device, I really recommend you give Auralux a try. The free … Continue reading Auralux App Review