PayPal’s New App Launch

Last week I was invited to join PayPal at Boehmer Restaurant in Toronto to celebrate the launch of their great new app. This app redefines the PayPal experience by partnering with restaurants and cafes around the world to let you pay for your purchase without ever touching your wallet! All you need is a smartphone (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone compatible!) and a PayPal account.


Picture this: you’re all ready to go out – hair done, nails done, everything did (hey, we’re in Toronto so a little Drake can’t hurt) – and you’re headed out for dinner and drinks with your friends. Before you can go you have to do the double triple check: phone, keys and wallet, plus ID, cards and cash. If you forget any one of those things, your night could be stickier than expected. PayPal’s new app cuts the check in half by eliminating the need for you to carry your wallet! No wallet, no cards, no cash.


To pay with the app, you “check in” to the place you want to pay at when you get there by sliding the slider over. That’s the last time you need to touch your payment method – no more fiddling around in your purse to find your cash. When you’re ready to pay, you simply tell the cashier you’d like to pay with paypal. They will see your name and picture on their screen, so they can verify that it’s you using your account. Then they select you and charge the amount to your account, it’s as easy as that! And you get a notification about the purchase, so you don’t even need to worry about a receipt.

paypal app

I love the easiness of this app. It really removes any hassle and inconvenience from paying for your purchase and frees up your hands. It’s particularly useful when you have to carry your purchase to a table – goodbye, awkwardly trying to carry your change, purse, wallet, latte and muffin!

PayPal_App_Event_Toronto13 PayPal_App_Event_Toronto17 PayPal_App_Event_Toronto12 PayPal_App_Event_Toronto3

PayPal_App_Event_Toronto7And not only is the app awesome, the launch party was great too! Boehmer is one of the restaurants that offers PayPal as a payment option, and the food is absolutely amazing. Owner and Chef Paul Boehmer cooked up a delicious array of food for us, including tarts and mini chicken schnitzels. It’s a beautiful restaurant that I will definitely be going back to while I’m in Toronto!

PayPal_App_Event_Toronto11 PayPal_App_Event_Toronto20 PayPal_App_Event_Toronto19 PayPal_App_Event_Toronto9 PayPal_App_Event_Toronto1PayPal_App_Event_Toronto10PayPal_App_Event_Toronto2

This app is a prime example of how technology augments our lives. Paying is a simple process we’ve grown used to and we don’t even think twice about anymore, and yet this app makes it even simpler. It’s available for iOS, Android and Windows, and more locations are being added every day so you’ll be able to check in and pay at all your favourite eateries. Try it for free in your phone’s app store today!

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Photography courtesy of Teddy Chau Photography/PayPal

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