Leather in the Rain

Ring a ding ding, it’s time for spring! I don’t know about you, but I love the rain. It reminds me of the month I spent going to school in England during high school, during which I learned to stop trying to keep my hair straight in rainy weather. Now that I’m back in Toronto, the smell of the rain on a spring day takes me right back to my memories of England. Of course, because we live in Toronto it’s not quite warm yet. The snow melts a bit more with every rainfall, and soon it’ll all be gone to make way for the lilies in my front garden. What better way to spend the melting weather than shopping in Yorkville, my favourite part of the city?


Like I said, I love the rain. But I don’t love raincoats! They make me so sticky and hot, so I just leave them out of my wardrobe and opt for leather instead. I find it keeps me just as dry but without the gross overheating feeling! I’ve had a few leather jackets over the years, but my favourite by far has been this one by Michael Kors. The boots are also MK – if you think I’m a bit obsessed with his designs, you’re right! I paired my MK leather set with plain dark jeans and a simple silk tanktop, and a bright red bag for a pop of colour.

MichaelKorsLeatherSage8smallMichaelKorsLeatherSage1small MichaelKorsLeatherSage2smallMichaelKorsLeatherSage5small

Every time I’m in Yorkville I make a beeline for Holt Renfrew, Canada’s best curator of quality fashion. And, like always, I found some awesome pieces. Can you guess what I bought? It’s gorgeous, I can’t wait to post about it.


This chocolate fudge espresso latte from Pusateri’s was amazing, by the way. I would definitely recommend it. :)

signature 1


jacket: Michael Kors

boots: Michael Kors

purse: Coach

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