A Warm Winter in Montreal

If there’s one thing Canada is known for, it’s our winter weather. But this year, right up until New Year’s Eve, our days felt more like mid-March than the pre-Christmas winter wonderland we are used to. But even though the +12 degree (Celsius) temperature was warm for us Canadians, it was still chilly for my Indonesian cousins who visited for the holidays. During their two-week stay they only saw snowfall twice – definitely not an accurate representation of Canadian winters.

During their stay we took advantage of the warmth and spent a few days exploring Montreal, a city in Quebec, the French province of Canada. The juxtaposition of old basilicas against towering skyscrapers is a unique blend of North American hustle and classic European influence, making Quebec a must-see for any first-time visitor to Canada. Here’s a look at our short but sweet time in Montreal just before Christmas.

montreal_skyline_2015family_in_montreal_2015notre_dame_montreal_angels_christmas montreal_notre_dame_basilica_inside montreal_skyline_trendy_techie_windowsill_2 montreal_skyline_trendy_techie_windowsill montreal_poutine_night montreal_poutine_canadian_delicacy montreal_kitty_beret_looking_at_camera montreal_place_des_arts_winter_christmas_market_tree reindeer_desserts_montreal_christmas_2015 night_fog_montreal__sage_trendy_techie montreal_church_foggy_night

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