Looking Back on 2015

If 2014 was the hardest year of my life, 2015 was the most healing.

This year I learned that healing doesn’t necessarily mean getting “all better,” or turning back time and making things exactly as they were before. Healing is about the regrowth of parts that have been harmed and growth of the parts of you that need to become stronger, and this is true for both physical and emotional healing. When you break a bone, your body must work to regrow the pieces together, as well as strengthen the muscles in other parts of your body to compensate and support the rest. When a part of your heart is broken, you must pour energy into it to soothe the hole, and you must also pour energy into other parts of your life to support that regrowth through counter balance. Healing is not the same as fixing, and the difference is in the growth.

In 2015 I flew over 40,000 miles. I traveled to Seattle, Montreal, Italy, Toronto, Boston, Vancouver, Ottawa, Houston and Halifax, meeting amazing new people and reconnecting with old friends along the way. I started my first official job, as a Content Developer at Microsoft, and moved into my first solo apartment. I learned about work-life balance and the true meaning of family, and even got to meet family members from the other side of the world. 2015 was a hard year for many reasons not listed here, but I like to focus on the positive, and for all the good things that happened this year I am so grateful. If 2015 was the year of healing, I hope 2016 is the year of standing strong.

Here’s a look back on 2015. Happy New Year everyone, wishing you and your families all the best.

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