Shoe Shopping Spree at Massarotto Luisa Calzature

new_italian_shoe_collection_massarotto_calzature_castelfranco_8As a tall girl, I naturally have always had big feet. It is so difficult for me to find nice shoes in my size (41 in European, 11W in North American), because stores don’t stock a lot of larger sizes. Since the summer lineup hit the shelves at the beginning of the year I’ve been looking for comfortable summer shoes with a chunky heel, and despite searching across Canada and in the US, I wasn’t able to find anything nice that actually fit. On-trend shoes in larger sizes sell out quickly, leaving us to choose from boat shoes, clogs, and the occasional ballet flat. Usually European stores are even less likely to stock my size, but I finally hit the jackpot when I found a beautiful shop called Massarotto in Castelfranco, Italy.

From left to right: Albano, Kei Nezz, Kei Nezz, Inuovo, and Codici e Segni. Voila, summer shoe collection complete! At Massarotto I found five beautiful pairs of shoes, all Italian-made. The staff at Massarotto is fantastic – when I asked the clerk for a pair of shoes I saw in the window, she asked me a few questions – light colour or  dark, high heel or low, sporty or classic – and disappeared down the stairs. She returned with the shoes I asked for as well as five other pairs she thought I would like! Throughout our time in the shop she kept refining the selection of shoes and bringing me more to try based on my taste. They even had different heel heights in the same style of shoe, so when I wanted them a bit higher she brought out the options. Normally Italy is not known for customer service, so I was so pleasantly surprised by the one-on-one attention I was getting in the busy shop. The clerk even noticed that one of the sandals was a bit too tight and punched a hole for me right there. I am very pleased with Massarotto, and I highly recommend it!
new_italian_shoe_collection_massarotto_calzature_castelfranco_10 new_italian_shoe_collection_massarotto_calzature_castelfranco_2 new_italian_shoe_collection_massarotto_calzature_castelfranco_3 new_italian_shoe_collection_massarotto_calzature_castelfranco_4 new_italian_shoe_collection_massarotto_calzature_castelfranco_9 new_italian_shoe_collection_massarotto_calzature_castelfranco_5 new_italian_shoe_collection_massarotto_calzature_castelfranco_7 new_italian_shoe_collection_massarotto_calzature_castelfranco_1

Keep an eye out for these shoes in my blog posts, including this one from Riva del Garda!


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