Tomorrow is sooner than you think.

As a technologist and entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time analyzing today’s problems and projecting them out 5-10 years to stay ahead of change. In these Visions posts, we explore these ideas and imagine the future, near and far.

Visions of tomorrow

Navigating change in the world of work

Header image: Lara Speirs, Executive VP & General Counsel, Randstad Canada On May 8, I co-hosted the first #RandstadTechTalks Twitter chat with Randstad Canada, and heard from dozens of Canadians on topics surrounding the Canadian role in the globalizing future.This 2-part blog post was inspired by the topics discussed in that Twitter chat, a conversation…

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GivLuv’s VR Philanthropy Platform Presents New Opportunities for Fundraising

Charities and non-profit organizations have long relied on creative marketing to bring their causes to light, but VR’s strong ability to cause empathy presents new opportunities to tug at the heartstrings of potential donors. At VRTO 2017, the Virtual Reality Toronto Convention, digital agency Primacy debuted GivLuv, their new platform to connect causes to the…

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Will Astronauts Use VR on Mars? – An Interview with Peggy Wu

What does VR have in store for space exploration? At this year’s Virtual Reality convention in Toronto, I sat down with Peggy Wu, the Associate Director for Research in Human-Machine Interaction at United Technologies, to talk about her perspective on this exciting aspect of our future.

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The 3 Pillars of Augmented Reality

As technology advances, we inch closer to the hybrid reality envisioned by sci-fi authors in the last century, a reality in which technological augmentations are as expected and accepted as our phones and laptops today. Augmented reality is becoming increasingly more common a medium, and is seeping into our lives across many industries. There are…

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High Tech Meets High Fashion with Anouk Wipprecht’s Wearable Robots – 360 Video Interview

Anouk Wipprecht is not your average fashion designer. Her pieces go beyond fabric and stitches, and into the realm of exoskeletal 3D printing and microcontrollers, bringing garment and wearer together into a united cyborgian being. In this 360 video interview, I sit down with Anouk to discuss her path to becoming a world-famous robotic fashion designer, her opinions on open source, and her latest project: a connected unicorn horn for children with autism.

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Are We Living in a Virtual Reality?

Last night I dreamt that I took off a virtual reality headset and “woke up” in a VR arcade. Suddenly I found myself sitting on the floor in a small dark room, with a rack of different virtual reality rigs set up for me to choose from, and one in my hands on my lap.…

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