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Protecting your eyes as a developer – why I choose Felix Gray

As a developer and entrepreneur, I spend the majority of my time in front of screens. Every morning I’m awoken by my phone playing the latest tech news, all day I rotate between my phone, my laptop, and my big external monitor, and each night I wind down by reading threads on r/AskReddit. I would…

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Focals by North – Getting Fitted for Smart Glasses

I’ve long been an enthusiast of augmented reality headsets and, as early as the tech still is, I believe that AR will truly take off when we have head-mounted devices that find the right balance of usefulness and style. The balance between functionality and wearability is a long-standing struggle for AR manufacturers, but now a…

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Trendy Techie’s Geeky Gift Guide & Giveaway 2017

It’s that time of year again! The snow has started to fall and Starbucks is serving drinks in holiday cups and my inbox is filling with invitations to festive parties. I’m excited to bring to you my recommendations for the perfect geeky gifts for your adorkable loved ones. Whether you’re shopping for the developer, designer,…

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Elf Smart Plug Review

Eques, a Silicon Valley IoT startup, has built a suite of devices to connect your home. They sent me Elf Smart Plug, their connected smart plug that can turn any device into a connected device by toggling power via an app. Elf connects to your home wifi and lets you turn on and off your…

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Kids Code with Jewelbots, the Programmable Friendship Bracelet

Code is finally making its way into the hands of younger makers, and with this trend we are seeing more and more learn-to-code tools arrive on the market and in toy stores. But amidst all these code blocks and modular robots, one startup is focusing on coding for girls, and they are getting it right:…

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WiseWear Socialite Review: The Discreet Safety Wearable for Women

WiseWear’s socialite collection is the only truly discreet safety wearable on the market. Geared towards professional women, this wearable looks like a piece of jewelry but can keep your loved ones informed in critical moments with its unique distress signal feature. Here’s my review of Calder from the WiseWear Socialite Collection.

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Surface Book Review: Sleek, Powerful, and Uniquely Multi-Purpose

I’ve wanted the Surface Book since I saw it debuted at //build, Microsoft’s big developer conference, last year. I was considering buying one until I saw its steep price tag – the model I was looking at came in over $4000! Well worth the price tag for those who can afford it, but as a…

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LG G5 Review: Unparalleled Camera and All-Day Battery Life

LG strikes again! When thinking of Androids, most people automatically think of Google’s Nexus or Samsung’s S series (which I’ve heard is *ahem* on fire – too soon?), but the Android maker that won my heart is LG. Last summer I reviewed their G4 phone, which was the first Android I ever liked enough to…

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Top 5 Smart Gadgets to Spice Up Your Kitchen

When the countertop microwave was invented in 1967, our kitchens were forever revolutionized. Now, the dawn of the Internet of Things has catapulted us into a new era of personal and home automation, making our everyday appliances talk to one another. Here are five smart gadgets for your kitchen – which one do you think…

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