Elf Smart Plug Review

Eques, a Silicon Valley IoT startup, has built a suite of devices to connect your home. They sent me Elf Smart Plug, their connected smart plug that can turn any device into a connected device by toggling power via an app. Elf connects to your home wifi and lets you turn on and off your appliances and devices from afar – no more worrying if you left the straightener on!

Elf also features automation and voice control – you can set scheduled on/off times and use Amazon Alexa to control via voice commands.


This device is certainly not alone in its category, there are other smart plugs out there. But Elf is the most compact on the market so far; at just 2.17 x 1.08 x 1.89 inches, it doesn’t block surrounding sockets.

I’ve been using Elf for about a week now, and it’s been a good addition to my home. I use it to turn my hair straightener on while I’m still in bed and let it heat up while I get dressed, and when I leave the house my mind can be at ease knowing I’m not going to burn down the house by forgetting to turn off the straightener. Of course, the Elf’s intelligence only extends to ON/OFF, it can’t directly control the settings of the plugged device, so I can’t use it with my espresso machine, which turns on at the push of a button. But for auto-on devices like straighteners and lamps, Elf is a great solution!


. . . . . . .

Disclaimer: this Elf Smart Plug was gifted to me by Eques to review. 

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