10 Awesome Geek Girls to Follow on Instagram

If you love geeky goodness, this list is for you! Here are THE 10 #geekgirls you should follow on Instagram right now.

1. @codergirl_ – for serious code and seriously funny captions

NYC-based software engineer Laura will charm you with her humor and wow you with her coding chops.

2. @developerbarbie – for pint-sized geek chic on the go

Developer Barbie is the epitome of #geekgoals! Run by the CEO of Ladies Learning Code @melsariffodeen, she’s always on the go and giving us inside glimpses at life as a coder.

3. @autumngreco – for equal parts glam and geekery

Teen scientist and fashion model Autumn Greco just graduated high school and is already an international icon of #girlpower!

4. @donasarkar – for tech-couture fashion and hologram hackathons

Fashion designer, published author and program manager for Microsoft Hololens, Dona Sarkar is today’s triple threat.

5. @fibonaccisequinsblog – for a celebration of diversity in STEM

Created by @donasarkar and fellow Microsoftie @abethcrane, Fibonacci Sequins Blog profiles stylish techies and what drives them.

6. @abortolussi – for high contrast adventure photography and geekery-on-the-go

Angela Bortolussi is a Recruiting Manager and blogger for The Undercover Recruiter. Her LA adventures will have you craving the west coast lifestyle!

7. @thetrendytechie – for fashion, tech and everything in between

Microsoft developer and world traveler Sage Franch teaches coding and shares the latest trends in fashion and tech.

8. @codegirlcode – for coffee, code, and daily motivation

Web developer and #womenintech advocate Holy will inspire you with her positivity and daily desks.

9. @sci_chic – for 3D printed science jewelry

Engineering student Erin Winick founded Sci Chic to combine her loves of fashion and science education. Each piece of her 3D printed jewelry comes with a scientific backstory!

10. @cgcblogs – for content curated by girls who code

Founded by web developer @codegirlcode, Code Girl Code Blogs is a community featuring stories and inspiration curated by female coders.

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