My Blogging Philosophy

“Blogger” is a broad title that belongs just as much to people who write their thoughts on a private site as it does to multi-millionaire digital influencers who have built empires around their personal blogs. Because of this ambiguity, it can be hard to tell sometimes whether reviews and opinions posted on these blogs are authentic or paid endorsement. Many of you have asked me whether I am paid by the companies I write about, so here it is, Trendy Techie under the hood.

I do accept gifted (free) products for review, but not all the products I write about on Trendy Techie have been given to me. Many of the products I write about on here have been given to me for free to review, with the expectation that I will photograph them, write about them, and share my opinions on my blog and social media. There are no constraints on what I can say about the product, and if a company were to offer me a product on condition of a positive review, I would refuse. Further, I will always disclose when a product has been given to me for free, and if you do not see that messaging it is safe to assume I purchased it myself.

I like to maintain a balance of gifted products and products I’ve purchased myself. I’ve seen some bloggers who started out with just their own closets and built a name on authentic curation of content, but whose posts are now almost exclusively gifted items and ads. Trendy Techie is not a catalog and it is not an ad outlet. I do not sell adspace on my site, accept payment for positive reviews, belong to affiliate programs, or allow money to dictate which companies I work with. I do accept sponsored posts and payment to attend events or feature companies, but I retain the right to express true and honest opinions about my experiences.

Finally, I believe in building community organically. I have never and will never purchase followers on any platform. Buying followers or likes or comments is like paying people to be your friends, except it’s even worse in the online world because most of the time these purchased followers are just dead accounts that were created by bots with the sole purpose of boosting people’s follower counts. I am proud of the community we have built together, you and I. Every single one of the accounts who follows me has a real person on the other end.

Trendy Techie is not for the companies who want to put their products on here, Trendy Techie is for you. It’s for all the geeks out there who love a bit of adventure. It’s for the young women I’ve met around the world who are interested in technology. It’s for the parents who want a positive space for their kids to explore tech and fashion. It’s for everyone who wants to build the future.

Thank you for reading Trendy Techie and for asking the questions that led me to write this page. I feel it is so important for digital influencers to be authentic and open about what motivates us, and I hope this clarifies what Trendy Techie is all about.






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