Kids Code with Jewelbots, the Programmable Friendship Bracelet

Code is finally making its way into the hands of younger makers, and with this trend we are seeing more and more learn-to-code tools arrive on the market and in toy stores. But amidst all these code blocks and modular robots, one startup is focusing on coding for girls, and they are getting it right: Jewelbots.

Jewelbots are programmable friendship bracelets that make use of trendy concepts like IoT and wearables, teaching girls to code by building something that they can wear and use right away. Jewelbots can light up when friends are nearby, buzz to send messages in morse code (or even your own language), and connect to social media to retrieve notifications. But the best part about Jewelbots is that young coders code with Arduino, not an abstracted “for kids” programming language, so they are learning real coding skills that they can use in practice.


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2 thoughts on “Kids Code with Jewelbots, the Programmable Friendship Bracelet

    1. Fair point! I’ve found that most tools like this are pricey right now, but expect that price to come down as more are developed and the tech itself becomes easier/cheaper to manufacture.

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