Mitandio in Merano

Happy June, everyone! It’s unbelievable how fast this year is flying by. Despite all the traveling and big milestones that have happened this year, it in no way feels to me like 2015 is already half over! When I decided to move to Halifax for school in 2011, I didn’t anticipate the time-compounding effect of splitting my months between two cities. And now that I have my Redmond job in the mix, I am wishing more than ever that I could get my hands on Hermione’s magical time-turner. For now, I’m in Halifax for two weeks until I fly back to Toronto for the //build tour, then from there straight to Redmond for some time with my team, then straight on to Boston for training at Harvard, after which I’m sure to be playing catchup on my schoolwork back here in Halifax. June is going to be one heck of a month for Trendy Techie, and I can’t wait to share it with you every step of the way. But first, let’s continue on with the rest of the posts from Italy!

This post comes to you from the beautiful city of Merano, a town known for its “terme,” or, expansive outdoor spas. We had originally planned to visit the terme, but the weather foiled our plans over and over until we finally had to decide whether to explore the city in the rain or simply not see it at all. We opted for exploration and took shelter in the colourful doorways when the rain began to pour. Merano is a beautiful and very well-kept old city with luxurious touches all around, including crosswalks made of polished marble cobblestones inlaid in the ground.
mitandio_scarf_denim_dress_merano_italy_sage_9mitandio_scarf_denim_dress_merano_italy_sage_7 mitandio_scarf_denim_dress_merano_italy_sage_6I felt right at home in the streets of Merano wearing this denim dress and beautiful scarf by Mitandio, a ready-to-wear and bespoke scarf brand owned and operated by two sisters. Ruku and Jas Sandhu are women of Indian descent with the whole world under their belts. Both born in Africa (Jas in Tanzania and Ruku in Kenya), the sisters grew up experiencing vastly different cultures as they moved and traveled around Africa, India and North America. It is these experiences that inspire many aspects and designs of the Mitandio brand, including the name itself – “Mitandio” has its origin from a Swahili word meaning “scarves.” The Mitandio story is one of culture, luxury and beauty, and each scarf is thoughtfully designed with history, mythology, and even socio-political issues in mind. I am wearing the Primrose design in silk wool (see it on their site here). mitandio_primrose_scarf_silk_meranomitandio_scarf_denim_dress_merano_italy_sage_4mitandio_scarf_denim_dress_merano_italy_sage_11mitandio_scarf_denim_dress_merano_italy_sage_8 mitandio_scarf_denim_dress_merano_italy_sage_3 mitandio_scarf_denim_dress_merano_italy_sage_10

dress: Calvin Klein // scarf: Mitandio // shoes: Kei Nezz // purse: unknown brand, genuine leather from Massarotto Luisa Calzature

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