Get Your Head In the Cloud with these Cloud-Driven Headphones


Aivvy Q is an all-in-one music-playing device that pulls music down from the cloud for you without a handheld music player. Music begins to play as soon as you put them on, and your preferences are cached as you interact with the device. Aivvy Q acts as a personal DJ, learning intelligently from your patterns – including location and time data – to build a custom library just for you, based onyour taste. The integrated trackpad on the outside of the headphones lets you swipe to skip a song, tap to like it, or turn to switch channels. Hear a new song you like? Check the companion app for the details.aivvy_internals

There’s one obvious question here: what if I want to listen to music somewhere where I don’t have connectivity? Aivvy caches your personal library so you always have your music available, even in offline mode. It updates the onboard library while charging, so you never have to worry about manually syncing the device when you update your library.


Considering the frequency it syncs to the cloud, the device has some pretty beefy specs – 40 hours of continuous playback and just 3 hours to full charge on its built-in lithium ion battery. With 32GB of personal storage it rivals the average iPod, and at 255g it weighs in at a fraction less than Beats by Dre. Aivvy is currently in pre-order for $299.99 USD – about average for a pair of non-cloud-enabled noise-cancelling earphones (oh yeah, these are noise cancelling too – is there anything Aivvy can’t do?).


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