5 Ways to Prevent “Computer Eyes”

At work, I often find myself trying to blink away what I call “Computer Eyes”. I spend so much time on my digital devices (yes, phones, tablets and cameras count too) that I can feel it in my eyes. Programmers, bloggers, facebook and pinterest junkies alike, you know what I’m talking about. Here are 10 simple ways to keep your eyes healthy and prevent “Computer Eyes”:

1. Look away from the screen every few minutes and take a second to let your eyes focus on something else. My office has nice big windows, so I look out at the sunny rooftops in between coding sprees.

2. Adjust your seat height so your screen is just below your eye level – you never want to be looking up at a screen, because that puts even more strain on your eyes.

3. BLINK. I know, it sounds stupid, but we actually blink less when we’re looking at screens.

4. Set the brightness of your screen to adjust automatically to the surrounding light. This will make it dimmer in the dark and brighter in the light, mimicking how your eyes react to light by changing the pupil size.

5. Download f.lux, a simple software that adjusts the tones of your computer screen at sunset. The first time I tried it I let out a huge sigh of relief, it was like a commercial. It’s free for Mac, Windows, Linux and iPhone/iPad, and has customizable settings so you can choose exactly which lighting level feels best on your eyes.

Do you have any other ways you prevent “Computer Eyes”? I’d love to hear them – leave a comment!


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